A Breakdown of the Uses of pH in Different Industries

The pH level refers to how acidic or basic a liquid solution is. Measured on a 0-14 scale, a liquid with a pH level of 7 is said to have a neutral balance of acids and bases; liquids with a pH level lower than 7 are considered acidic; and liquids with a pH level greater than 7 are considered basic.

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What Is Water's Role in What We Eat?

Water plays a critically important role in the food and beverage industry as clean water ensures that the products we consume are healthy (and taste good!). On the other hand, when contaminated water is used in the food and beverage manufacturing process, products can’t be sold to the public, and all the money invested to produce the associated batches is wasted. In the event that a contaminated item ends up slipping out into the market, consumers can get sick—resulting in bad press, lawsuits, unhappy customers, and decreased profitability. In a worst-case scenario, such an event may even force a business to close its doors for good.

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